Saturday, October 31, 2009

One More Chance :)

Alhamdulillah, we are back together again.
I'm so happy that my smile could reach my ears !
Hahahahaha :D
Thank u Allah swt, for answering my prayers.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Someone is suffering, someone is tearless.
Someone is falling, and yet someone has to stand.
Someone has to stay strong, for someone's sake..

Someone has to be someone...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Song

This song is about my feelings too -___-
By: Kamenashi Kazuya

No matter how much we consider the future,
No one can see the truth.
Something is blocking my blank mind,
It's just a mistake that I've been repeating.

It's okay for my steps to continue, these hands have seperated.
Walking away from where you continue to live,
Until I become worn out I keep prolonging it
That time, that place, it will never disappear - this bond.

In time that flows, I try not to lose anything.
Passing by, we collided - true emotion
permeated my heart, into warm desires
The miracle I requested came about by chance.

Even when things couldn't stand still, amidst the pain,
I saw the light, because we were bound together.
It's okay if you lied, and it's okay to cry
That time, that place, it will never disappear - this bond.

It's okay for my steps to continue, these hands have seperated.
Walking away from where you continue to live,
Until I become worn out I keep prolonging it
That time, that place, it will never disappear - this bond.

Going down...

He's gone...He decided to be apart with me.
I can't do or say anything...
I wished I could stop him,
But I'm not strong enough..
I just pray,one day he'll come back to me..
I'll be waiting, no matter how long....


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ages Ago..

Terasa nk letak this precious picture kt sini lah :))

Otsuka Ai-Planetarium

Gosh, these 2 songs are all about me -.-

Evening approaches and the voices of night-smiling children fade
I know that you are somewhere under this sky, far, far away
At summer’s end, we snuck away together, we found this park
I kind of remember that constellation

Even if I don’t meet you, I can search for memories
Of the same sort of happiness.
Both the smell and fireworks going “bang”

I want to go to where you are
I want to start running there soon
I can’t see anything in the inky darkness
Even if I’m scared I’ll be okay
The wisdom of this clear sky
Is here now all the time.
I didn’t cry when I saw you in the past
Because the sky was clear.

Daily, from that road over there, I can only hear one sound.
Maybe you’ll stare at your big shadow.
It is not in the least expected to change.
A sad feeling expands inside you.
This is the “you’re not there” kind of feeling.

I really want to go and be next to you
Even though I am really, really small
I love you the most
I can be strong
I suddenly try to make a wish on a falling star
Maybe I’ll reach the point where I don’t cry
In a clear sky.

Even if I’m not with you, I can search for memories
Of the same sort of happiness.
Like the smell, together with fireworks going “bang”

I want to go to your place (The place that is with you…)
A small hand clenching yours,
I want to cry; that is a beautiful sky.
I suddenly try to make a wish on a falling star
Under this sky, I don’t think that I want to cry.

The Flavor of Life by Utada hikaru

This is a song by Utada Hikaru,i got the translated one :)

When you thank me,
It somehow seems painful
And that enduring magic that comes after saying goodbye
Leaves a faint taste of the bittersweet.
This must be the flavour of life.

The space where we are neither friends nor lovers
Makes me feel like an unripe fruit dreaming to be harvested.

The way we are is aggravating, baby,
As we never seem to make any progress.

This is why thanking me
Seems to somewhat hurt
And yet the magic that comes after we say goodbye
Leaves traces of the bittersweet.
That is the flavour of life.

With only sugar-coated words and phrases,
Talking seems to have lost its taste.
I just don’t find such things intriguing.

Just because everything is falling apart,
Doesn’t make our lives any more dispensable.

Asking me “What’s the matter?” all of a sudden
Can only elicit the response, “Nothing, nothing at all.”
Yet, when the smile fades away after we have parted,
I don’t seem myself.

Wanting to believe and hoping for hope
Seems to somehow amplify the pain.
“I really like you” is better than “I love you”,
That’s more like you, isn’t it?
Such is the flavour of life.

Suddenly remembering the smell of the person you had almost put behind
Invites a joy that is more innocent than the white of fresh snow.

Devotion means more than diamonds.
I want a warm future in my hands
And in the limited time that is my life, I hope to share it with you.

Still, when you thank me,
It seems somewhat painful
And the magic that comes after we say goodbye
Leaves traces of the bittersweet.
This is the flavour of life.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Walking slowly..

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I'm moving forward, slowly and by myself.I'm not going to depend to somebody else, or i have to rely to anybody else either.Perhaps thats the right path for me to walk, to find back my smile that i lost nowadays.I definately need it back, thus my tears have become my bestfriend.I'll neither not hoping anyone could understand me nor listening to me.Insyaallah, i will get this through it all.I'll pray for that.I'm sorry if the others blogs aren't like mine.For me, this blog is for someone who really care about whats happening to me.And I would like to thanks for those who did that.I really appreciate it.I'm not going to tell what happened to me every single day,every single minute, but for now, this is where I could confess my feeling to...


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Moving on!

Assalamualaikum wbt readers,

I'll move on ! Yeahh.That is what I will do.As Fatin said,hati aku fragile.Still can't accept apa yg dah terjadi right now.That's so true,aku act mcm apo lah plk before nie.Maybe aku terikut kata hati sgt.Insyaallah,I'll be waiting.I hope there will be a progress..Amin..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Silent/Defensive Mode

Assalamuaalaikum wbt,

Dang! I really don't know what should I do.What should I think.It became harder each and every single day.Everytime I try to think about it,my tears will roll down my cheek.Gosh! I was hoping he'll be fine, but until now, I didn't see any sign of it.Hmm, I'm going off to Singapore today and probably won't be able to contact him these few days.I'll be a miserable person there,meanwhile I hope that he'll realise that I'm still waiting.What to do, Shoganei-na~


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Misa-chan! ~

Assalamualaikum wbt readers,

Ni cite isnin lepas. Heheh. Aku mcm malas skit nk tulis blog. So aku cite today jela.
Isnin lepas, after a horrible incident (aku x nk citer, only certain ppl yg tau), aku ngn mate2 bengkak bgn lah utk hantar Syg balik Unisel. Patutnya hntar die smp Kajang je, die nk blk naik ktm ngn Ako.So aku ajak lah Fatin sbb die kate nk pegi Mines, nk pegi Petlovers.So after pick up Fatin, kami geraklah.Kesiaan kt Ako sbb tggu lama. Last2 biler dh nk smp Kajang, Ako kate die dh gerak dulu. Aku suggest lah kt Syg, biar aku hntar smp Unisel, dorg ade class pkl 5.Time tu dh 3 lebih.Mmg x kn smpt nk naik public.So Ako bnti kt Serdang, n kitaorg pick up die dr situ.Then on the way ke Unisel, bnti jab kt R&R.Time kitaorg nk naik tgga, ade lah 2org mamat physcho lalu.Tetibe yg sorg tu nk halang jln aku n Fatin, tonggek2 bdn, gegarkn tiang tepi jln.Ape motiiff?? Wtffm?? Gilo betul. Then kami teruskn pjlanan.After dh smp, rupanya class Syg postponed smp pkul 6. Haihh. Nsb lah smp awal. Aku terus pg kt kubur Queenie. Perghh, rase nk burst out je. Aku n Fatin konon2 sembahyang lah kt situ. Hahaha. Sape yg tgk mst kate, gilo apo daro 2 eko ni. Bior ler, dorg x tau aku tanam Queenie kt situ. Heheh, after that Syg ajak minum/mkn kt Taska dulu.Then kwn2 Syg pun dtglah sekali. Aiman,Ako,Zahir,Leen,kwn Leen.Kitaorg nk blk x dpt, sbb time tu dh hujan lebat gakla. Tunggu jab smp reda, then dlm 6lebih br gerak.Kita decide td nk pg Jusco Kepong.Situ pun ade Petlovers (bace kt Petster), but x tau jln.So teruskn jela ke Mines.On the way blk tu, byk kali plk aku missed turning.Smp ke Damansara lah, masuk ke Jln Parlimen, patah blh lah, tetibe masuk Mid lah.Haih -_-; Smp kt Mines pun dh pkl 8. Kitaorg pegi Petlovers terus cr guinea pig utk kwn Lola~ Aku dh excited dh, dpt pgg sume yg comel2. Hehehe.Ade 1 rabbit tu cantik sgt mata die, hrga die fuhhh rm450. X pela, skali mati, menangeh 450 ku tu ! After pilih2, Fatin beli juge cavvy warna putih,mata merah. Name die Misa~ Hihihi.Seronok dgr die buat oink ! oink ! :D After tu, terus ke Carl's Jr. Kami order Classic Cheese.Bungkus je, aku nk blk cepat.Kitaorg mkn pun dlm keta.Kt highway, blkang aku ni Satria yg modified.Ade hati cucuk2 angin ngn aku.Eee aku x kasi jalan pun. Dr bangi smplah ke Sban.Hahah, jahatnya aku.Time aku dh turned ke Sban tu, die pecut.Eleh, poyo giler kauu.Kete color oren, giler burukk.Eyuuuww.Then after dh hntar Fatin, aku balik lah rumah.Smp rmh, mkn lg.Abah dh belikan ayam tandoori pule -_- Mkn je keja. Haihh.Itu ajeee~

nie la kubur Queenie. loc: Unisel


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Red Flag !

Assalamualaikum wbt readers,

Aku x update blog since sabtu kan.Okay so sabtu lepas, aku ngn Syg plan nk pegi Lowyatt balik, sbb PSP die buat hal. Terrestart balik kot.So lepas aku siap2, (oh lupa, mase tgh siap aku realised yg aku 'red flag'. haih -_-;) Sungguh x best utk berjalan. So biler dh siap, aku terus fetch Syg. Kitaorg pegi hantar laptop Afiqah dulu kt Stp Kemayan.But die kate x blh fixed, kena hantar blk ke Mid, sbb ade warranty. So kami terus chow ke KL, takut jam plk nnt. On the way tu, pk lah mcm mana nk pegi ke B.Bintang w/out bwk kete.Uissh, x kuase makcik nk park kt sana.Org yg drive kt sana pun bkn btl sgt pun.Kami decide nk pegi naik public je.Yeaaah ! So kami park kt Bndar Tasik Selatan, and from there terus ke Hang Tuah. Dr Hang Tuah tu, jln kaki jela pegi Lowyatt.Takde la jauh mana.But kaki aku melecet plk, aku pkai pumpshoe beli kt Summit haritu.Dh letak plaster pun, sakit lagi. Tahan jela.Ikut hati, aku nk patah blk pegi kt kete, pkai sliper sudaah. Haih, nsb baik jauh =.=; Biler dh smp lowyatt, terus lah pegi kedai PSP tu.Probnya sikit je, Syg buat x blh, Amoi tu buat blh la plk.Syg dh mbebel sorg2 sbb kitaorg dtg dr sban semata2 bnda alah tu.Hahaha. Then kitaorg dh nk kuar dr lowyatt, singgah lah kt kedai yg jual keychain PSP tu.Kitaorg booking utk yg akan dtg, sbb comel giler. Then kami stuck plk kt lowyatt lg 2 jam, sbb Syg nk install Fifa 10.Aku plk lupa charge slr, so aku tumpang charge (kena byr kot). So biler kami kuar dr lowyatt, dh mlm dh. Kami terus gerak Bndar Tasik Selatan, nk amek kete.Aku dh x thn sgt, my feet are killing me! :(
After dh smp, aku suggest lah jom tgk wyg.Kitaorg x nk masuk kl balik, so paling dkt blh pegi mines lah.Dgn x mkn pape lg that day.Smp je, x byk cite plk mlm tu.Aku teringin nk tgk Sorority Row, biler aku dh beli ticket, Syg plk nk tgk Tsunami.Haih -_-; Next time lah ye cik abg.Tonight is my night.Hahah.Then kami pegi mkn KFC, yummie. Duit aku dh elekk dh. Heheh.After mkn, terus masuk movie.Agak horror lah cite tu, cite murder kan.By the time cite tu hbs, dh pkul 1 lebih.Syg kata die ajak roomate die dulu, Aman and gf die, Wanie overnight sesama. Time tu, dorang still kt Lookout Point. So kami pegi la jalan2 dulu. Syg stop kt KLCC. Then aku br lah terhegeh2 nk cr toilet.Ngengada btl, td Syg stop kt Petronas, x nk plk kau nk shi-shi kaan.Aku ngn slamber jela ajak Syg masuk Suria, ikut Philharmonic. Hahaha,nsb sume cleaner mbantu aku cr toilet yg bukak. Huuuuuu, bau toilet tu x nk mcm apee pulakkkkk. Nk termuntah rasenya. Lps shi-shi, berlari aku kuar. Haih. Nsb lah time tu dh pkl 2am. Kalau peak hours,bau mcm tu, sumpah Suria kena banned ! Hehehe.Then aku n Syg ddk2 jela kt tmn luar KLCC tu, amek gmbr sume.Kt tepi Public Bank ade org buat shooting.But india lah, xkuase nk pegi tengok.Biler memasing dh boring (Syg x boring sgtlah, die ade PSP die -_-;), perut aku buat hal lah, time nie nk period pain kan.Aku ajak Syg ddk dlm kete, aku nk baring.Hmm, bukan setakat baring, aku bantai tido terus. Heheh. Aku bgn pun time Syam dh jmp Aman. Die stop kt mana tah.Tp aku totally x tahan, aku baring balik.Syg ckp nk pegi mkn kt Bangsar. Aku okay aje. So biler dh smp, aku kuar lah ngn mke sememeh. Hahaha, br bgn tido kan.Bgn2 je terus mkn.X senonoh btl.Aku order nasi paprik. Bkn ape lah, mmg x sedap. Nasi die separuh masak, and paprik die semcm je. Cair je aku rase.Bawang lg byk dr ayam.Aku mkn half je, aku dh x de selera.Plus ngn period pain kan. After mkn je, aku and Syg gerak balik Sban, Aman and Wanie balik Unisel. Smp je rumah, aku terus ZzzZZZ...

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Laundry Day !

Assalamuaalaikum wbt readers,

Sorry yesterday mmg x sempat nk update blog.Syg pkai internet, nk cr theme utk PSP die tu.X pela, kasi chance skit.Last2 aku smp tertido2 tunggu die.Heheheh.So skrg jela mase utk update blog.Haaihh, nk jd a true blogger kaan.Kena lah rajin.Study dulu x nk rajin plk kan.Smlm x de ape sgtlah.Aku x tau lah why aku liaaat sgt nk bgn.Aku dh bgn, tp tido blk.Tp mmg ptt pun, no stop org call aku, tganggu aku nk mimpi bessh2. Hiihii.Last2 aku bgn jugee.Time tu abah dh nk siap pg smyg jumaat, x giler tu aku bgn lmbt ? Nsb die x bising.Die hbs smyg je, die belikan aku nasi goreng kmpung.Mekaceh babah ! ;D Biler aku dh nk hbs mkn, abah aku tu blh buat lawak plk kan.Die tny, mane dtg bau ikan ni.Haaaihh, of course lah dr nasi goreng tu.Dh die kecoh plk, dapur hbs bau.Haaih dh tau berbau, pegi beli juge knape.Ishhk lawak btl abah ni.Then die terus bersiap nk pegi kl. Ade hal kt rumah Mummy.Mummy Chejah pun ade.Ade something lah tu.Aku mls lah nk ikut.Byk bnde nk settle kot harini.After mkn, aku terus buat laundry.Giler lame x cuci baju.Nsb x byk sgt.So cuci pun kjb je.Biler abah dh left rumah, aku terus jemur.Abah blh call aku, sbb nk ckp psl bau ikan tu lagi. Haaaaaaiihhhhh -______-
Buat lawak ape kebenda abah nie.Lepas tu, aku terus mandi n bersiap.Aku nk fetch Syg, ciaan die x mkn lagi.After fetch die, kitaorg amek Ezal plk.Die pun kesiaan juge, smlm kete die rosak kt Nilai.Ade ke nk aku amek die pkul 5am,brani plk aku. So aku amek la die skali.Masing2 dh x tau nk mkn ape, Ezal bwk lah pegi tmpat kitaorg tgk liveband haritu. Cafe Haunted House.Hahaha.Syg mkn Spag Cabonana (bkn pttnya Carbonara ke -_-;),aku mkn Bloody Tomato Spag (Bolognese sudaaah), Ezal mkn nasi n chic curry ( yg x mcm curry pun).Hehehe.Then after mkn, kami pegi rmh Kak Nor. Aku fhm Ezal rindu.Konon hntar mkanan lah yek.X pe, lynkn aje die tu.Biler dh smp, kami x blh masuk pule.Time tulah, org2 tu nk buat fogging.Haiaah.So kitaorg just ddk kt playground.Sume main jongkang jongkit.Hahahaa.Rase kelakar plk. Then after fogging tu, br lah blh masuk.Beraya kjb kt rmh Kak Nor, die pegi psg cite 'Bohsia'.Aku ngn Syg tgk aje, br nk lyn Ezal ajak blk plk.Haih, potong btul lah.So after hntar Ezal blk, kitaorg singgah rumah Nad jab, aku hntar cards kt mailbox then kitaorg pun balik lah :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Love Day Out ;)

Assalamualaikum wbt readers,

Today sgggggggt lah memenatkn aku. Smlm aku tido lmbt sbb nk hbskn tgk movie korean,He was kool.Smpai aku tido pun nk dkt pkul 5. Then abah kjut aku nk dkt pkl 7. Perghh.Mane puass beb tido.Aku smbg blk tido smp nk dkt pkl 9.That's itt.Kena bgn jugk mandi.Kang aku lmbat, abah jerit kang x larat aku nk dgr.Lps siap je, aku n abah terus gerak ke KLIUC.Ngam2 smpai sane pkul 10, appoinment x de la terlmbt sgt kan.Then kami tunggu la head of department tu dtg.After die dtg,kami pun berdiscuss lah psl aku nk further study kt situ.Discuss pny discuss nk dkt 1 jam lebih, then aku terus apply and kami pun pulang.Smp je sban, aku n abah terus pegi SUC, nk lunch.Kwn abah,Uncle Soffian pun ade sbb lps ni diaorg nk pegi p.j, ade seminar.Time tgh lunch,Syg msg die ckp nk pegi lowyatt ngn kwn2 die.Haiih, mcm tau2 je aku pun nk pegi survey laptop.So aku ckp lah aku nk ikut.Mknanya aku ikut abah, nnt dorang drop aku somewhere ade LRT lah.Smp je KL,dorang drop aku kt Universiti.Time tgh tunggu LRT tu,aku nmpk lah ade sorg mamat ni ckp sorang2.Aku igtkn die menyanyi.Aku pun x dgr sgt lah sbb aku sendiri tgh dgr mp3.Then aku nmpk die hayun2 tgn,mcm tgh ckp ngn someone.Lain mcm plk mamat ni.Aku pk,oh die pkai bluetooth kt telinga tu kot.Then die pusing,cehh aku x nmpk pun benda alah tu.Sah lah die ckp sorang2.Haihh,die ade imaginary friend kot.Giler hebat.Hehe.So after dh smp kt lowyatt and jmp Syg,kami jalan2 lah tgk brg.Aku msg Ejad,aku nk pg kdai die.So smentara tunggu die,kami pegi cr PSP.Syg nk beli lah kononnya.Skali betul lah die beli.Nsb dpt murah,beli color putih.Sbb next year,aku kena belikan die yg color merah.Yg putih ni, die kasi aku ;D Hihii. Brader PSP tu pny rambut, giler lawaa.Aku plk jealous tgk die.Dh la mke jambu giler, mcm awek pun ade.Haihh -_- Then aku terus pegi kedai Ejad.Pegh, giler baik lah harge die kasi aku.Laptop HP pavilion yg aku nk tu, harge rm3699, die kasi aku rm3,199.Plus, 13 free stuff. 13 weeii ! Giler byk.Mmg baikk lah kedai die tu.Huhu, nntlah aku try pujuk abah.Sygnya, aku nk bwk Apiz (kwn Syg) beli kt kdai tu jugak,tp die dh beli kt tmpt lain lah plk.Haih frust Ejad dgr.Hehehe.After dh settle sume, kami turun bwh nk mkn.Kt kdai chicken rice tu.Biler dh hbs mkn, kami borak2 lah.Skali aku ternmpk mcm ade bnda hitam lari2.Owner kdai tu kt counter dh mencangkong dh.Haihhh, tikussss. Aku sorg plk tu yg nmpk.Yg lain sume x perasan.Owner kdai tu n waiter2 tu sume dh pndang aku.Risau aku nmpk lah tu.Tp aku senyap jela.Mls nk buat pape.Lgpun dh hbs mkn dh pun.After mkn, Zahir,Leen,Apiz, and Faiz pun geraklah balik ke Unisel.Aku n Syg pegi Sg Wang plk jalan2.Syg nk beli basic phone plk, senang katenya.Tula, suruh beli haritu, x nk.Tgh beli phone tu, aku minat lah W980.Lawaa , and harga dh turunnn. rm699 tu.Hmm sygnya x dak duit ;( X pelah, next time kot. Then aku ingat nk cr black pants, but x jmp yg ngam.So aku masuk summit, tgk kasut. Akhirnya aku beli juga pumpshoe yg abah bising suruh beli. X de la mcm pumpshoe sgt, asal boleh lah kan.After tu, tgh jalan2 aku nmpk kdai The Dots (kdai cincin). Saje jela tgk.Skali aku n Syg dh makin ske, sbb cincin2 die lawaa n blh ukir nama.So kami pun tempahlah.Mhal skitlah but lawaa kan.Yela nk pakai lama.Kami ukir 'Syam.Sha' :) So smentara nk tunggu die siap, kami tunggu kt luar.Yela, Syg tu x hbs2 nk 'fogging' (bak kata Kakngah Syg). Hahaha. After amek cincin, kami terus gerak balik. Dlm KTM (eceeh, dh lame x naik public same2, kn Syg ;) ), aku dh chop nk main PSP.Syg tu blh main kt rumah. Hehehe, smp sban je, tunggu abah fetch, then aku pun dh smp rumah. Nk dkt pkl 11.30pm plk tu, kunci x bwk, so abah kena lah amek. Sorry, babah -_- Okaylah, that's all for today :)

Me and Syg