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Assalamuaalaikum wbt Bloggers.

This entri I actually copy-paste from someone's blog.
I've read yg about similiar to this one, but yg ni lg menyayat hatilah.
TQ MoskaAlisa, sbb buat I baca this thang.
Betul2 bukak mata and our mind about love,marriage and divorce.
Read them...


When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and
said, I've got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly.
Again I observed the hurt in her eyes.

Suddenly I didn't know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know
what I was thinking. I want a divorce.. I raised the topic calmly.

She didn't seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly,

I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the
chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn't
talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what
had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory
answer; she had lost my heart to Dew. I didn't love her anymore. I just
pitied her!

With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated
that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company.

She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The woman who had spent
ten years of her life with me had become a stranger. I felt sorry for
her wasted time, resources and energy but I could not take back what I
had said for I loved Dew so dearly. Finally she cried loudly in front of
me, which was what I had expected to see. To me her cry was actually a
kind of release. The idea of divorce which had obsessed me for several
weeks seemed to be firmer and clearer now.

The next day, I came back home very late and found her writing something
at the table. I didn't have supper but went straight to sleep and fell
asleep very fast because I was tired after an eventful day with Dew.

When I woke up, she was still there at the table writing. I just did not
care so I turned over and was asleep again.

In the morning she presented her divorce conditions: she didn't want
anything from me, but needed a month's notice before the divorce.

She requested that in that one month we both struggle to live as normal a
life as possible. Her reasons were simple: our son had his exams in a
month's time and she didn't want to disrupt him with our broken

This was agreeable to me. But she had something more, she asked me to
recall how I had carried her into out bridal room on our wedding day.

She requested that everyday for the month's duration I carry her out of
our bedroom to the front door ever morning.. I thought she was going
crazy. Just to make our last days together bearable I accepted her odd

I told Dew about my wife's divorce conditions.. . She laughed loudly and
thought it was absurd. No matter what tricks she applies, she has to
face the divorce, she said scornfully..

My wife and I hadn't had any body contact since my divorce intention was
explicitly expressed. So when I carried her out on the first day, we
both appeared clumsy. Our son clapped behind us, daddy is holding mummy
in his arms. His words brought me a sense of pain. From the bedroom to
the sitting room, then to the door, I walked over ten meters with her in
my arms. She closed her eyes and said softly; don't tell our son about
the divorce. I nodded, feeling somewhat upset. I put her down outside
the door. She went to wait for the bus to work. I drove alone to the

On the second day, both of us acted much more easily. She leaned on my
chest. I could smell the fragrance of her blouse. I realized that I
hadn't looked at this woman carefully for a long time.. I realized she
was not young any more. There were fine wrinkles on her face, her hair
was graying! Our marriage had taken its toll on her. For a minute I
wondered what I had done to her.

On the fourth day, when I lifted her up, I felt a sense of intimacy
returning. This was the woman who had given ten years of her life to me.

On the fifth and sixth day, I realized that our sense of intimacy was
growing again. I didn't tell Dew about this. It became easier to carry
her as the month slipped by. Perhaps the everyday workout made me

She was choosing what to wear one morning. She tried on quite a few
dresses but could not find a suitable one. Then she sighed, all my
dresses have grown bigger. I suddenly realized that she had grown so
thin, that was the reason why I could carry her more easily.

Suddenly it hit me... she had buried so much pain and bitterness in her
heart. Subconsciously I reached out and touched her head.

Our son came in at the moment and said, Dad, it's time to carry mum out.
To him, seeing his father carrying his mother out had become an
essential part of his life. My wife gestured to our son to come closer
and hugged him tightly. I turned my face away because I was afraid I
might change my mind at this last minute. I then held her in my arms,
walking from the bedroom, through the sitting room, to the hallway. Her
hand surrounded my neck softly and naturally. I held her body tightly;
it was just like our wedding day.

But her much lighter weight made me sad. On the last day, when I held
her in my arms I could hardly move a step. Our son had gone to school. I
held her tightly and said, I hadn't noticed that our life lacked

I drove to office.... jumped out of the car swiftly without locking the
door. I was afraid any delay would make me change my mind...I walked
upstairs. Dew opened the door and I said to her, Sorry, Dew, I do not
want the divorce anymore.

She looked at me, astonished, and then touched my forehead.. Do you have
a fever? She said. I moved her hand off my head. Sorry, Dew, I said, I
won't divorce. My marriage life was boring probably because she and I
didn't value the details of our lives, not because we didn't love each
other any more. Now I realize that since I carried her into my home on
our wedding day I am supposed to hold her until death do us apart.

Dew seemed to suddenly wake up. She gave me a loud slap and then slammed
the door and burst into tears. I walked downstairs and drove away.

At the floral shop on the way, I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my
wife. The salesgirl asked me what to write on the card. I smiled and
wrote, I'll carry you out every morning until death do us apart.

That evening I arrived home, flowers in my hands, a smile on my face, I
run up stairs, only to find my wife in the bed - dead.

The small details of your lives are what really matter in a
relationship. It is not the mansion, the car, property, the money in the
bank. These create an environment conducive for happiness but cannot
give happiness in themselves. So find time to be your spouse's friend
and do those little things for each other that build intimacy. Do have a
real happy marriage!

If you don't share this, nothing will happen to you.

If you do, you just might save a marriage.

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they
were to success when they gave up.


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Ikemen Fever

Assalamualaikum wbt Bloggers.

LoL. After almost 1 week tak balik rumah, atlast i'm homeeeeeeeeeee. Hikhik. Ofcourse I missed my Abah the most. and takde $$$ hihihi sorry babah , nak pau lagi xD
Well bila balik rumah, mestilah spend time dengan abah dulu, duduk kt dining table and talk about college stuff.
Abah usually akan tny sikit2 je, the rest aku je bercerita panjang. Yelahh abah nk dengar sape lg membebel kt rumah tu, of course lah dengar aku membebel kan. Heheheh aku akan cerita to him about classes, my college friends, my close friends. Bleh kire sume benda die nak aku update die. Baiklah babah, for you I will (cehceh). Dah lah abah buat suprise smlm, aku balik2 je, die belikan chocolate cake. Yummyyy~~~ Nah utk korang, gambar pun jadi lah kann?

So the next day , barulah aku dpt jumpa girlfren2 sekalian aku. HIKHIK. Sorry, mummy dah lame tak balik jumpe korang. Aku dpt tau plak Izzati sakit, so better lah aku pegi menvisit dia. After maghrib, after fetch Fatin kami terus pegi rumah Izzati. Aku contact Mun and all, tak balas. So takdpt lah jumpa . Korang mmg susah utk dicontact pun =.= Sampai2 je, salam mak Izzati and main2 dengan Irdina, we all keluar pegi cari mamak. Mls lah masuk JJ, sure pack, lgpun kami mahu minum2 and borak2 je :) So after dah order sume, mula story mory time. HAHAHAHA.
Masing2 dah mcm gossipgirl dah aku tengok. LOL LOL. By the way, aku memang rindu suasana mcm ni. Plus dah lame tak lepak ber3. Hujan plak turun, kami tukar seat and terus bercerita mcm gajah dpt kacang. Ok, serious takde kena mengena. HAHA. Then aku terus hantar mereka pulang sbb dah malam :(

AHAAA, after dah smp rumah, aku and Fatin terus berYM. yelah she wanted to show me the Korean classes that she wanted to attend. Then mula lah pot pet pot pet psal benda lain. She gave a lot of links of Korean bands, sebab aku dah hbs tengok You're Beautiful. HAHAHAHA. Aku mmg suka dengan Geun Suk, since die berlakon cite Baby & Me, memang comel gilaaaaa. So bila die berlakon dlm YB, jadi macho and ego, lagiiiiiii lah aku suka =3

Aku suka jugak dengan Shin Woo (Yung Hwa). Sebab maybe dlm YB, dia sgtlah romantic and agak macho lah. HIHI. Idk, aku suka tengok cara dia layan Mi Nam, I mean Mi Nam as a girl lah. Sangat cuteeee and he protected Mi Nam a lot. Aku akan sangat super bahagia if there's someone will treat me like that. WEEEEEEE. And after tengok picture ni, terus plak aku terasa yg dia pun handsome jugaaaaaa. Comel gila if husband aku nnt masak, pakai apron mcm ni. HIKHIKHIK~~~!!!!

Ok, sebelum aku jadi lagi merengzzzz baiklah aku pegi tido dulu. Plus aku kena bangun awal tmow morning, nak kejut si Gemuk 9 tu. Dia ada driving class. LOL LOL. OK, goodnight everyone.

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Family Potrait

Assalamualaikum wbt Bloggers.

Cool jugak conceptual photo mcm atas ni kan ? Hehehe. Chess family !

Well last Thursday, memandangkan I don't have any class, I agreed to follow Sarah, my roomate back to her house in Damansara. Her mom picked us up by 4pm kat hostel, and dlm kereta I was like, okayyy her mom and little brother sgt friendly :) Rupanya family Sarah ni are true shoppers ! We decided to go to Atria, ada warehouse sales kat sana. Name it, Billabong,Animal,Roxy and all. All dengan harga yg teramatlah murah. But I think by the time aku post this entry, dah takde dah benda alah tu. But u can still try pegi Atria, brg2 kat situ are not bad at all. Sarah bought her mom Indian skirt. Aku pun nk beli , dia mcm Gypsy skirt ,only rm14.90 !! But entah mcm mana aku bleh tak beli. Dah rambang mate tengok benda lain. Situ ada kedai Guess, end of season punya barang2. Sarah bought a handbag for rm80 flat price ! Tak giler ! So for shoppers, I suggested you to go this Atria place okie ? =3

After balik dr Atria, kami pegi pasar malam plak. Aishhh dah lame giler tak pegi pasar malam. Yela kt cyber ade plak pasar malam. Yg ade pun , dekat Desaria. Taknaklah pegi situ, giler jauh kot? So okay aku mcm excited giler dpt pegi pasar malam, mcm2 aku nk makan. But oh,oh ! Aku lupa aku tak cucuk duit lg. So memendam perasaan lah time tu. Sarah ade tny gak if I wanna buy anything, tp dgn family dia, segan luhhhh. Aku just mintak jagung bakar je, sbb dah teringin sgt :) Then balik rmh, we all had a buffet dinner together.Soon after that, aku tengok Sarah and adk2 dia mandikan her hedgehog, Spikey ! Hiks! Aku nk pgg but time tu dia tengah bad mood plak,so after die mandi br aku dpt pegang2 die. Hehehehe. Mlm tu Sarah's mom mtk tlg aku pick up Inaz kt Curve, ohh lupa Inaz pun keje Starbux, Borders. SO i drove Sarah's Rio, pick up her sister, pg atm and 7e.

On friday, we went to OneUtama. We jalan2 1st before aku naik bus balik Cyberjaya :\ jalan2, and I've decided bila nk shopping nanti, i'll definately go to Forever21 ! Ohhh their topss are beautyyyyyy >.<>
After sampai Putrajaya Sentral, aku kena naik bus pg Street Mall plak. Leceh betol, but what to do~ Hahh bila dah sampai S.Mall , terjadi lah 1 kejadian bodoh kat sini. Aku dah lah missed 1 bus, sbb tak nmpk sign dia. Then dah naik bus, driver tu suruh tunggu kt opposite sane. Haishhh berlari luhh sbb bus dah sampai kt situ. Aku tahan bus tu, 1 kaki dah naik tangga, sebelah aku ade mamat foreigner tgh pgg pintu bus. Aku tny lah " Bus ni pegi LUCT ke". AND YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID TO US ? Dia geleng kepala, tutup pintu bus and drove away !!
Tak mcm P*K*M*K plak kannn. Haish tah pasal2 dah mencarut2 disini. Takde lah, die takde otak ke ape, takleh jwb bebaik? Or atleast let me take off my leg off the bus ! Bodoh betul .And org2 kt bus stop tu sume terkejut kot bus driver tu buat mcm tu. Sume muka tak puas hati. Haihhh. Aku dah nak mengamuk time tu. Nsb lah bus yg dtg soon after that tu bwk aku ke destinasi yg benarrrr.

So pengajaran disitu, elakkan naik bus di cyberjaya. Kalau tak silap aku, tu Shuttle No.2. JANGAN NAIK ! HUH !

Do you come here much ?

Assalamualaikum wbt Bloggers.

HAHAHAHA. I guess you could tell what the hell I'm gonna say in this entry. EYUUUUUP. STARBUXXX !
As some of you guys already know, I worked as a part time barista in Starbux Alamanda, Putrajaya.
Basically, I'll go to work after my class, usually Monday,Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and sometimes weekends.
I know. People often asked me, kau tak penat ke keje, tak leceh ke, and some of them might ask the popular Q, brp gaji kat sana. HAHA. Its a common thing when a student works while still studying.

Believe me you guys, aku still sedang sesuaikan diri aku for this kind of situation. Usually aku lagi suka bermalas2an in my room, watching K/J drama. But now, most of the time, I'll be at Starbux.

I admit, that I had experience back then in Secret Recipe. But tak same ! Well I mean, memang in the same F&B line, tapi the way they work sgt lain. Starbux had standard and percaya lah most of the work, even cara kau lap cermin pun ada standard dia. LOL LOL. Tp lama2 aku suka lah keje kat sini. No wonder ramai yg chow dr Starbux akan nk keje kt Starbux balik. Thats why they called it, Starbux Experience :)

At first, aku memang kabuuuuuuuut sangat. Ye la mane taknye, aku memang cepat nervous kan. Aku tau position aku as barista is all-rounder. I'll do the drinks,POS register,food partner,cafe. Semuanya harus tau. But for me, aku akan amek mase lah nk adaptkan diri aku dgn semua tu. HUHIH.

Kelaka gila bila ingat balik time 1st aku buat air, kabut gilaaaa. Dgn time tu lah aku lupa recipe and all ! ROFL.
Dah lah bdk2 ni pressure sikit, tp aku fhm dorang mahu cepat pick up. Tp aku ni gelabah puyuh sikit. Hehehe.
So lame2 buat air, alhamdulillah aku makin ingat cara and recipe. By the time nk jaga POS register, adoyaiiiiii gelabah puyuh lg ! Yela time ni lah kena communicate dgn customer and handling moneyyyy ($.$)v
Serious aku gelabah gila, sbb kena dgr order, marking cup,calling bev and br receive money. Punya tunggang terbalik aku buat keje time tu. Customer pun bleh tau aku ni under training lg. MALUUU ...~~

Takpelah, nk diikutkan now br 3 minggu aku keje di Starbux, and banyak yg aku dah and perlu belajar :)
Partner2 ku sekalian, jangan buli2 tauuuuuuu !

Your Love is our Drug

Assalamualaikum wbt bloggers.

Last Monday I received SMS from Syam, he told me about Jaz's mom. Aku sgtlah terkejut and ofcourse sympathy for him and his family. His mom had suffered for 2 months of Pneumonia. And by the time Syam told me about her, doctor dah sahkan she could only live for a week. Ya Allah. Aku terus reply to Syam, lets go and pay a visit. His mom ada kat HUKM. So Syam kata everyone will be going that night. I went there with Sarah, my roomate.By the time sampai sana, semua dah turun nk minum and makan. And after that semua balik. Just aku,Sarah,Syam, Budu and Ana yg naik because tak tengok his mother lagi. Ya Allah, his mom dah nazak already. I cried as soon as I saw her. She looked pale and suffered a lot. I don't know why, I saw his mother as mine. And I can't stop crying.After we left, we went to downtown nak minum2 and all. While tengah jalan, we received the news that Jaz's mother had passed away. Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun. We felt sorry for Jaz. And I know what it feels like when u lost your mother. Its just you're lucky you got chance to know yours. Semoga rohnya ditempatkan dikalangan org2 beriman...Insyaallah :)

So kwn2. Please take care of your parents. Ajal dan maut di tangan Tuhan, bila2 masa shj yg Dia mahu, sekelip mata ibu bapa kita dah tiada di dunia. Menakutkan kn ? But thats the truth. Biarlah ibubapa kita cerewet mana, segarang mana, seburuk2 mereka, mereka yg lahirkan and membesarkan kita. Walaupun kita tak mampu nak membayar mereka dengan harta benda, percaya lah bukan itu yg mereka mahu. Sekadar tanggungjawab and ambil berat tentang mereka, itu pun dah cukup memadai bagi mereka..

Ok, I believe that my BM are getting worse. But u guys got my point right? So do-it :)

Shisha anyone?

Assalamualaikum wbt bloggers.

Well this week had been quite a tough week for me.Last week,I skipped most of class because of my fever and flu.
Nothing serious about it, but still, malas to be sitting in air conditioned lecture hall, listening to lecturer where I can't really focused at. It sucks though, LOL.Yg cari penyakit pun, me myself kan. HAHA, tulah pegi lagi mandi laut time hujan. But yet, I had fun with him :) Thank you sebab beli ayam n nasi lemak. Kalau tak, kita tak gaduh. Nk mkn dulu ke nk mandi dulu. ROFL.

Time tengah flu, bleh shisha ke? Bantai jela. Hikkss. Well, last week je aku dah 2x shisha time flu. Its kind of medication lah jugak kan. LOL. Well, to be honest tula 1st time aku shisha (watermelon mint flavor). HAHA kind of funny though sebab aku bukan smokers kan, so aku mcm blur giler. Mcm mana nk sedut, mcm mana nk hembusss. Nk telan ke, nk kuar ikut hidung ke. LOL LOL. Tula soklan2 cepumas yg Syam kena jawab mlm tu. Terime kaseh cikgu, ajar sy hisap shisha. Meoooowww.

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Boo-yah !

Assalamualaikum wbt bloggers,

Huish, its been a long time since I updated my blog.
My bad....
Unfortunately, I'm really busy that if aku dpt online,
that would be checking updates from facebook. NGEE.

Well, apparently not much to say about my new life here.
I got more friends, I'm getting used to live here.
And oh ! I got a part time job at Starbucks.
Dang ! U would know the purpose righhttt? :)

Oh people, I got a new addiction.
VOODOO dolls.
They are so damn adorable and some of them are beauty !
Well ofcourse I'm not really into the real voodoo dolls.
Spooky kot. LOL.

So here's some of my fav xD